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In April 1999, IDT acquired Quality Semiconductor (QSI). In September 1999, IDT sold the central processor unit of its subsidiary Centaur Technology to VIA Electronics. IDT said the acquisition of Quality Semiconductor will enhance its logic product portfolio with phase lock loops, bus switches, FCT logic, and networking ICs. The acquisition is expected to be accounted for as a pooling of interests. 

Integrated Device Technology, Inc., referred to as IDT, is located in Silicon Valley, California. The current CEO is Gregory L. Waters. IDT is a distributor of semiconductor solutions. Founded in 1980, IDT has more than 3,000 employees engaged in the design and production of semiconductor products. 

At present, IDT's products focus on network processing, especially for packet inspection products used in firewalls. In April 2001, IDT acquired Solidum Systems, a manufacturer of network search components. In May 2004, IDT acquired ZettaCom, Inc. (ZettaCom, Inc.). In June 2005, IDT acquired Integrated Circuit Systems (ICS). In October 2005, IDT acquired Freescale's clock circuit division for $ 35 million. In July 2006, IDT acquired SigmaTel's computer audio chip division for $ 35 million.

QSI is product portfolio consists of CMOS, Driver ICs, Network ICs.

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