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Supplier Introduction

QLogic Corp - A Marvell Technology Group Ltd. offers storage networking and networking infrastructure solutions to original equipment manufacturers and distributors. The Company produces host bus adapters and fiber channel switches including core, blade, and stackable switches. QLogic also supplies enclosure and baseboard management products.

Cavium, a San Jose-based network semiconductor and solution developer, is planning to acquire QLogic, a top provider of high-speed storage networking solutions, which is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. According to Cavium, the combined revenue of the two companies is only 10%.

Cavium acquired QLogic for $ 15.50 per share. So the total value of QLogic in the acquisition is actually just over $ 1 billion. Cavium expects to use QLogic's intelligent server and storage connectivity solutions to complement Cavium's network, computing and security solutions and enable it to provide complete end-to-end to enterprise, cloud, data center, storage, telecommunications, network customers and OEMs product.
In addition, Cavium will continue to cooperate with Brocade. Cavium seems to take Ethernet seriously, so it may still be working with Brocade on Fibre Channel.

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