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Supplier Introduction

Potens Semiconductor Corp. Established in 1st April 2012, is a fabless company dedicated on discrete device design. They are a group of technicians with more than 20 years of experience in technology with the wish to challenge human technology life, the purpose of creating a better life for human beings, and work together to develop a high-performance power IC. Low/Medium voltage MOSFETs applied in consumer, high voltage and power IGBTs applied in industrial, Super Junction and advanced GaN/SiC raw material process products, etc. are all in the coverage of product development in Potens Semiconductor Corp. Their product lines are widely applied in consumer, communication, industrial and automotive fields such as 5G applications, fully automated vehicles, wireless power transmission, cloud data center, etc. Potens aim to rank the leading suppliers of power device with the social responsibility of “Enhancing everyday life” forever.

In 2012 obtained ISO 9001 certification.
In 2016 won the 13th Golden Torch Award, Outstanding Top 10 Enterprises.
In 2017 won the 18th Golden Peak Award, Outstanding Enterprise Award/Outstanding Manager Award.


Design Service
Potens has world-class design team to provide most accurate and fastest circuit/layout design service, including
– 12V~200V Trench MOSFETs
– 150V~1,500V Planar MOSFETs
– 12V~100V 0.25um Analog Power IC
FA Service
Potens has experienced FA engineers to provide the dedicated Power Device failure analysis report based on customer’s request including
– Non-destructive : Appearance Inspection, 3D OM, SAT,
– 2D/3D X-Ray
– Destructive : Decap, Delayer, Obirch, SEM
Reliability Service
Potens has experienced reliability engineers to provide the dedicated Power Device reliability test report based on customer’s request including
– HTGB : High Temperature Gate Bias
– HTRB : High Temperature Reverse Bias
– H3TRB : Temperature and Humidity Bias
– IOL (Power cycling) : Intermittent operating life
Testing Service
Potens has experienced testing engineers to provide the professional test report based on customer’s request including
– Power Device DC Characteristics
– Power Device AC Characteristics
– Regular FT Sorting

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