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Supplier Introduction

Positronic builds premium power and signal connectors for a wide variety of global industries. But every product delivers the same outcome: Certainty. That’s our master spec, our driving purpose.

It starts with the mission-critical needs of our customers. In their line of work, failure is not an option. So we’ve gone to school on certainty for over 50 years.

We approach it with the discipline of a science – honing the fusion of raw material, engineering ingenuity, and precision manufacturing to push the next limits of reliability, even in the harshest conditions.

And with every new project, our curiosity is reignited. How will certainty be achieved in your system, with its own unique design and demands? The answers have graced some of the most formidable missions of our time, from the searing heat of supersonic combat to the unforgiving scapes of Mars.

What can you be certain about?

? Failsafe product performance

? Maximum design flexibility

? Leading levels of energy efficiency and temperature control

? Responsive, knowledgeable support

POSITRONIC: The Science of Certainty

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