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Pixelworks is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets innovative video and pixel processing chips and software for high-end display applications, including digital projectors, large-screen LCD panels and digital signage.

Founded in 1997 in Oregon, Pixelworks was listed on NASDAQ in 2000. In 2005, it established a chip design center in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. Currently, there are 130 people in Zhangjiang, most of whom are engineers engaged in chip design and so on. In June 2006, the acquisition of DSP chips was completed, and the company enjoyed a high reputation in video DSP.

Pixelworks' technology and solutions cover end to end, optimized video delivery that is true to its creator’s intent with a highly authentic viewing experience. Pixelworks'innovations over two decades have resulted in a strong IP portfolio with over 535 patents (issued/pending) related to the visual display of digital image data. Pixelworks' vision is that every screen, no matter how big or small, deserves the highest picture quality. This vision has driven them to develop technology that spans the range from digital projection systems and large flat panel displays to small, low power mobile applications. Pixelworks also develops innovative methods to apply Pixelworks' core technologies to reduce overall system power and help reduce the bandwidth burden that comes with the display of HD and UHD video.

The relentless advancement of display technology and explosive growth of video consumption driven by digital delivery systems and mobile applications are increasing the necessity and demand for Video Display Processing technology. To meet this growing demand, Pixelworks delivers the technology as IP cores, semiconductors, software, and custom ASIC solutions. This flexible approach allows Pixelworks' customers to deliver the highest video quality in a multitude of applications and form factors while also providing the ability for end-product differentiation. Pixelworks' primary target markets include smartphones, tablets, and digital projection systems.

Pixelworks focus the investments on developing video enhancement solutions for Video Delivery, Mobile Devices, and Projectors market segments, with particular attention to increasing performance, video quality, device functionality and saving power. Additionally, Pixelworks look for ways to leverage Pixelworks' research and development investment into products that address other high-value markets where Pixelworks' innovative proprietary technology provides differentiation for them and Pixelworks' customers. Pixelworks continually seek to expand Pixelworks' technology portfolio through internal development, co-development with business partners.

PIXELWORKS is product portfolio consists of OTA/OTT streaming for Cordcutters and UltraHD 4K Blu- Ray, HDR10, UltraHD 4K video .

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