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Supplier Introduction
In this high-tech market, only companies that continue to innovate and reform can succeed. OUPIIN GLOBAL is constantly renewing its products and keeping close communication with customers on an ongoing basis. This has enabled OUPIIN to occupy a world-class position as a design and production leader in this evolving electronic parts market.
In 1977, General Manager Chen led six employees to make a design for the design and production of a well-known connector factory in Taiwan by a small plastic mold factory. After years of steady growth and recognition, OUPIIN巳 is now a world-renowned public. The focus of attention.
OUPIIN takes full automation of production equipment and uses the highest level of technology in Taiwan and mainland China, and is proud of its modern production facilities with world-class plants. OUPIIN's products are widely used in a variety of computer, communications, industrial production and electrical equipment, as well as customers and a wide range of well-known companies around the world. All products are carefully designed by engineers to achieve detailed testing requirements and a rigorous working environment.
OUPIIN's automated production process is integrated with a rigorous quality control system, with sophisticated equipment and skilled technology and motivated staff to achieve a perfect goal. OUPIIN has always been able to offer consistent quality and reliable products at very competitive prices. In fact, OUPIIN has become an ISO9002 certified manufacturer because of the quality of the quality control. Thanks to the ISO9002 certification, all customers can work with OUPIIN with peace of mind, because OUPIIN products are the standard of exceeding industrial quality. In addition to the quality of the heart, OUPIIN also pays great attention to the safety of the use of the product, and constantly requires all products to pass UL, CUL, CSA and other well-known foreign safety certification.

OUPIIN is product portfolio consists of Power Connector, Power Card Edge, Card Edge Connector, Futurebus(+) connectorDIN 41612 connector, SFP, SFP+ & QSFP+, SAS, SATA & eSATA, DDR Socket, Fine Pitch Board To Board.

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