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Supplier Introduction

OK International is a leading manufacturer of tools for the electronics assembly workbench including reliable, professional-grade soldering, rework, and fume extraction systems.

OK International Inc., (OK) traces its roots back to 1946, when it specialized in precision machining of metal parts primarily for the defense industry. By the 1970's, OK's focus had evolved to the manufacturing and distribution of wire wrapping products, used in the production and installation of telephone switching systems. Using telecommunications as a base, OK extended the marketing and distribution of this adhesion or attachment process to other electronics markets. Then, in 1989, OK International made a strategic decision to refocus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing its own proprietary products, primarily in the circuit board solder/desolder business. 

In alignment with that strategy, OK acquired Metcal and Techcon Systems in 1996. These acquisitions, along with becoming part of Dover Corporation in November 2000, served to strengthen the OK's core competencies in the manufacturing and development of soldering systems as well as dispensing and fume filtration products. This also helped in the expansion of its customer base, markets, and geographic presence. In addition, these acquisitions provided OK International with patented technologies and products that broadened its product line. 


. 1946 Founded as "OK Machine and Tool Corporation" 
. 1972 Changed company name to "OK Industries" 
. 1989 Manufacturing capabilities expanded and a range of solder/desolder tools and rework systems developed 
. 1996 Acquired Techcon Systems and Metcal 
. 1997 Changed name to OK International 
. 2000 Dover Corporation Acquires OK International 
. 2008 Released next generation Metcal MX-5000 Soldering & Rework System
. 2009 OK International launches New Modular Convection Rework System
. 2011 Techcon focuses on Material Packaging Solutions
. 2012 Metcal releases Scorpion Rework System

Their Corporate Values

. Provide customers outstanding products and services that are reliable and price competitive.

. Commit to operational excellence and innovation that meet global and regional market needs.

. Deliver core technological advantages with best-in-class performance.

. Offer leading brands in the markets they serve through their global sales channel.

The Markets they serve

. Electronic Assembly

. Aerospace

. Industrial Assembly

. Telecommunications

. Solar Energy  

. Medical Device

. Automotive  

. Consumer Electronics

Their Core Product Lines and Brands

. Hand Soldering
. Convection Rework
. Fume  Extraction
. Fluid Dispensing
. Automated Dispensing Robots
. Dispensing Valves
. Fluid Dispensers

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