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Supplier Introduction
Nippon Precision Circuits Inc was founded in 1975 as a semiconductor manufacturer of the Seiko Group.The same year it developed the world's first PLL for CMOS LSI for CBs,and next year it developed the world's first quartz clock LSI for record players.In 1986,it developed the world's first digital filter for recording and playback for DAT.After 8 years the company acquired ISO9001 accreditation and developed the world's first compression type shock-proof memory controller,then two years later acquired QS-9000 accreditation.Then in 2006,Nippon Precision Circuits Inc. renamed Seiko NPC Corporation.

It is based at Tokyo.There are five Its Shiobara Technology Center, which produces IC components, is located in Nasushiobara-shi, in Nikko National Park, in Tochigi Prefecture.It provides a total framework that embraces planning, design, manufacturing, and sales. 

As principal device components, their typical crystal oscillation ICs, dominant in the world market, support clocks that provide the reference signals used to control a variety of electronic devices.

The basic principle is Environmental protection and contributions to society guiding Seiko NPC's social role.They have been the long-time sponsor of the "Yukemuri Marathon", a local yearly event with thousands participants in Shiobara, Tochigi Prefecture, where Seiko NPC's semiconductor factory is located. Also Seiko NPC has robust volunteer efforts for clean-ups in the region to actively contribute to creating a better local environment.

Nippon Precision Circuits integrated circuits oscillator RTC DVD audio CD digital filter power converion DC to DC manufacturer. JRC or NJR or PhaseLink are sometimes confused with NPC. Crystal blanks for sensor filter and oscillator applications using inverted mesa designs to build high frequncy blanks. The unique inverted mesa crystal blanks mfg approach create defectfree crystals for MHz and GHz applications in oscillator, TCXO VCXO XO filter and biochemical sensor or temperature sensing or physical sensor applications. Some spell us ZECO and confuse us with Global Supply Micro Crystal or Connor Winfield. XECO is independent.

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