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Supplier Introduction

Netcom is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of tunable filters, RF amplifiers, LC filters, and integrated assemblies for the military, aerospace, wireless communications, and medical industries. The firm offers design engineering services, build-to-print manufacturing services, and design for manufacturing services for RF and microwave components and complex communication assemblies. 

Given extensive experience across several markets, Netcom is poised for new and ongoing growth into several emerging markets including tactical radios, software defined radios, unmanned vehicles, next generation avionics systems, and modern medical imaging systems. The vast experience of the engineering team has proven time and again to be a strong asset to customers in need of incorporating new technologies such as co-site mitigation and frequency hopping.


Netcom’s engineering team continues to expand its expertise throughout new frequency ranges and for higher power requirements. The team clearly differentiates itself against the competition and as a result has made Netcom a successful global supplier of custom electronics that meet the demands of growing markets. The combination of advanced technology and new market penetration has given Netcom the opportunity to develop many new customers and create product that is superior in the marketplace.

Netcom designs and builds state of the art technology, while maintaining scalability within its engineering expertise. Due to early involvement with our customers’ engineering teams, Netcom is able to respond to new customer requirements, new industry standards and new technology changes ahead of the competition. Netcom employs a design team approach that exceeds customer expectations in meeting RF and Microwave specifications at the lowest cost available. The customer base which includes Fortune 500 customers and industry leaders in their respective markets gives the engineering team continued exposure to new emerging technologies.

The engineering team has a broad range of skill sets for RF and microwave designs with an emphasis on modular design techniques. Capabilities include state-of-the-art CAD tools for high frequency solutions, in-house prototyping, environmental testing, stress screening, and automated testing for both prototype and production.


The Wheeling, IL physical plant has over 40,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing. Given a long history of developing customers’ stringent requirements, Netcom has streamlined processes and design-in support activities to meet timely deliverables. Extensive in-house knowledge of RF and Microwave applications, pertinent materials, and an outstanding quality control system, have helped the manufacturing team to be well positioned to fulfill customer needs. In-house capabilities include experience with programs ranging from 100 to 100,000 unit orders. Netcom has automated SMT lines, in-house compliance testing, computerized test stations, a certified RF screen room, a machine shop, and a trained and certified technical staff.


Netcom offers a wide range of products in military grade assemblies. Given this breadth of expertise and because Netcom is a small entity, Netcom is able to offer contractors and government entities the option to procure multiple products from a single source supplier. Netcom currently provides products within numerous set-aside programs for small businesses.

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