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Supplier Introduction

Digi International (Digi) is a leading global provider of mission-critical and business-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. They help their customers create next generation connected products and deploy and manage critical communications infrastructures in demanding environments. Their embedded modules and off-the-shelf routers, gateways and network products are designed for relentless reliability and deliver unquestioned performance and security. Their cloud-based software and professional services help customers put their connected products and assets to work across a broad range of mission-critical industry applications. Founded in 1985, they’ve helped their customers connect over 100 million things, and growing.

As a world-renowned brand electronic component supplier, jotrin Electronics provides its customers with inexpensive, quality-assured electronic products.

You can find any electronic product you need at JOTRIN Electronics Limited as follows:
Active Filter Data Conversion ICs.Memory.Digital Potentiometer ICs.Multimedia ICs.Driver ICs. Audio ICs. Power Management ICs.Clock & Timer ICs .Equalizers Programmable Logic ICs. Communication & Networking ICs. Interface ICs.
Feed Through Capacitors. Silicon Capacitors. Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors. Film Capacitors. Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors Capacitor. Hardware Mica Capacitors .Tantalum Capacitors. Capacitor Kits .Niobium Oxide Capacitors .Trimmer / Variable Capacitors .Ceramic Capacitors.

Carbon Composition Resistors. High Frequency/RF Resistors. Resistor Kits. Ceramic Composition Resistors. MELF Resistors. Resistor Networks & Arrays Trimmer Resistors. Metal Foil Resistors. Current Sense Resistors. Metal Oxide Resistors. Through Hole Resistors. Film Resistors. Resistor Hardware. Wirewound Resistors.

Audio Sensors Liquid Level Sensors Proximity Sensors Capacitive Touch Sensors Magnetic Sensors Safety Light Curtains Current Sensors Motion & Position Sensors Optical Sensors Sensor Hardware & Accessories Environmental Sensors Power & Control Sensor. ICs Temperature Sensors. Flow Sensors. Pressure Sensors.

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