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Supplier Introduction

NetPower Technologies is committed to leading the advancement of power conversion and providing optimal solutions for your DC/DC needs. NetPower's DC/DC converters feature unsurpassed thermal performance, high current capability, ultra-high efficiency, high power densities, current sharing option, industry standard footprints, quick transient responses, and a low profile...all packaged in a cost effective single board, open frame design.

NET Power has developed a novel power system that produces electricity from natural gas. NET Power plants are cost competitive with current technologies but generate zero atmospheric emissions – eliminating the smokestack altogether. This system is based on a new thermodynamic cycle called the Allam Cycle.

The Allam Cycle is a breakthrough in power generation technology. It uses a high-pressure, highly recuperative, oxyfuel, supercritical CO2 cycle that makes emission capture a part of the core power generation process, rather than an afterthought. The result is high-efficiency power generation that inherently produces a pipeline-quality CO2 byproduct at no additional cost to the system’s performance.

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