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Supplier Introduction

The origin of the Netburner

NetBurner founders Tom Kenny and Paul unrocket (@unrocket) started the company on different ends of the continent.Board of directors design and software (Paul) ran out of a "remote" home office in rural New Hampshire, while operations and production (Tom) ran out of the top family garage in San Diego, California.It can take up to 12 hours to transfer items by dialing.So why did this scrappy, transcontinental team start its career with light enterprise embedded engineering work?

Obviously, this Internet thing is taking off, and really needs a ready-made embedded TCP stack.Many engineers who want to implement their hardware over the network find that they don't have the time or resources to develop a reliable custom embedded TCP stack, which also requires expensive tools and software licenses.Then, NetBurner's mission is to provide process engineers and developers with high-quality and affordable network support technology products.As self-help entrepreneurs, Tom and Paul also want to support customers through simple setup and convenient tools, thus accelerating product development, reducing risks and supporting scalability.

Heart product development

Whether you want to design your own hardware or need off-the-shelf solutions, NetBurner development suites and products can provide a single source of support for software, hardware, tools, and development deliverable.The suite includes source code for our real-time operating system (RTOS), TCP/IP stack, C/C ++ compiler and debugger, Eclipse IDE, more than 100 sample applications and embedded hardware modules.

Whether this is your first web application or you are an experienced web programmer, you can connect to the Internet in one day!NetBurner standard products are complete network solutions that can be designed in your products.They also provide custom OEM design and manufacturing services to meet any application.


Their dreams

Tom, Paul, and the NetBurner team are proud of the quality, ease of use, flexibility, durability, and support of their product range.Thanks to all the amazing people, applications and companies they serve, NetBurner is what it is today.In an era of massive growth in connected embedded devices, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, sensor convergence, and the Internet of things, they find it exciting to be one of the enabling technologies that helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

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