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Micropelt creates innovative solid state thin film Peltier cooler and thermogenerator devices that build on a scalable semiconductor platform technology. Micropelt products provide extreme power for cooling, cycling, and thermal management on a mm2 scale as well as thermal energy harvesting and perpetual power supplies for self-sustained electronic devices. Micropelt solid state thin film devices target the chip spot cooling, energy harvesting, fiber optics, HVAC, and biomedical markets.

Micropelt has its origins in a cooperation of the chip manufacturer Infineon with the Fraunhofer Institute IPM, an R & D partner of the industry for optical sensors and thin-film technologies. In 2006, the team headed by Fritz Volkert founded the company Micropelt from Infineon Technologies AG. The focus of the company was initially in the development of a semiconductor manufacturing technology for thermoelectric elements (TEC / TEG). In the years from 2010, the course was set in the direction of the IoT (Internet of Things): The area of thermal harvesting sensor technology including power management and wireless technologies was expanded.

With the energy self-sufficient radiator actuator iTRV and the industrial sensor mNODE, the first end products have been developed and are now being mass-produced. Since 2017, the Micropelt - a brand of EH4 GmbH - has moved its headquarters to Umkirch near Freiburg. Here the iTRV family as well as the mNODE are further developed and distributed.


Micropelt cooperates with development and sales partners from Germany and abroad.
The mNODE family is being further developed as an integral part of the Eaton diagnostic system
Micropelt is a member of the EnOceanAlliance ?and a founding member of the German Thermoelectric Society e. V.

Micropelt is product portfolio consists of MVA 002/MVA 003/MVA 004/MVA 005/Anwendungsbeispiele/Elevator costs lower/mNODE.

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