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Maruwa Co Ltd was founded in Seto City, Japan in April, 1973. Today, Maruwa is a significant manufacturer of ceramic electronic components. Maruwa's business operations consist of 4 departments which are circuitry ceramic products, mechanical ceramic products, high frequency products, and capacitor products.

The types of products manufactured by Maruwa include Multilayer Ceramic Substrates, Thin Film Substrates, Microwave Dielectric Ceramics, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, EMI Filters, and Multilayer Ceramic Varistors.

MARUWA is a global leading company for Ceramics in which we hold a top market share in the world. Everything from manufacturing the base material till metalizing the materials is done in house, offering the competitive price, quality, and lead-time. EMC components, Quartz Glass, and LED Lighting are also our specialties! Our manufactures and sales offices are located all over the world to work closely with our customers and meet their needs! -Where are our products used?- Power device, Mobile & Network, LED, Automotive Electronics, RF, Power Electronics, IT& Consumer Products, Semiconductor device, Semiconductor Equipment, Medical, and more -What does “MARUWA” mean?- Our company name "MARUWA" contains the meaning of "Everyone combining efforts in harmony". It also has a meaning of teamwork, connection, and KIZUNA between people. The blue color of MARUWA logo stands for "HOPE".

MARUWA is product portfolio consists of Power inductors, EMI filters, chip beads, ceramic capacitors, disk capacitors, voltage controlled oscillators, with pass filters, LED modules, etc..

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