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Supplier Introduction

Headquartered in Westfalian, Germany, Lumberg was founded in 1933 by Erich and Karl Lumberg. Lumberg's core competencies include the development, manufacturing and sales of electro-mechanical and electronic components. Connector systems and sub-assemblies make up the bulk of Lumberg's comprehensive range of products.

The types of products manufactured by Lumberg include Connectors, LioN DeviceNet, Ethernet Connectors, Photovoltaic Products, Flat Ribbon Connectors, Pin Headers, Miniature and DIN Circular Connectors, Power Supply Connectors, IEEE 1394 Connectors, and Modular Connectors.

From the first TV set to the Apollo landing on the moon, to the electric car – big challenges motivate people to achieve great things. their products were always a part of this. In 1934, in 1969, and since 2011.

Lumberg’s past as a family-run enterprise is on the one hand closely tied to innovations in electrical engineering – from the first days of the radio and television to today’s digitization which pervades all indthemtries – and on the other, to strong cthemtomers who increasingly entrthemted their development activities for individual components or complex, entire system to them. This shows the impressive relation between their company’s long path and the growth, rise and internationalization of top names in Germany’s indthemtry. Ever since Lumberg was formed, its corporate history has always been about people, places and products which mirror their essential values of responsibility, quality, innovation and passion.

Lumberg is product portfolio consists of Sensors, connectors, cable assemblies, etc..

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