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Founded in 1984 by 11 scientists with an investment of RMB 200,000 from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lenovo is a large, diversified and innovative international technology company in the information industry in China. As a global leader in the computer market, Lenovo develops, manufactures and markets reliable, secure and easy-to-use technology products and high-quality professional services to help customers and partners around the world succeed. Lenovo manufactures desktop computers, servers, notebook computers, smart TVs, printers, PDAs, motherboards, cell phones, all-in-one computers and other goods.

In 2005, Lenovo Group acquired IBM PC (Personal computer) business unit; in 2013, Lenovo computer sales rose to No. 1 in the world, becoming the world's largest PC manufacturer. in October 2014, Lenovo Group announced that the company has completed the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Since April 1, 2014, Lenovo has established four new, relatively independent business groups, namely PC Business Group, Mobile Business Group, Enterprise Business Group and Cloud Services Business Group. Lenovo was ranked fourth.

Lenovo is product portfolio consists of Desktop computers, servers,smart TVs, printers, PDAs, motherboards, notebook computers, cell phones, all-in-one computers.

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