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Supplier Introduction

What drives them

They tap the infinite potential of light to improve people's lives.

The desire to provide a better quality of life has been osram's strongest motivation.They used the first electric lights nearly 100 years ago to make our cities more livable, and used the first high-beam and low-light lights in the early stages of driving to improve road safety.Today, digitization opens up countless new possibilities, far beyond the simple "on" and "off" light sources.

Their products and solutions have enabled a wide range of digital applications - from autonomous driving to biometric unlock for mobile devices.Their innovations will continue to improve people's future mobility, communication, security and well-being.

Their business

The portfolio includes applications based on semiconductor technology, such as infrared or laser lighting.These products are used for a variety of applications, from virtual reality, autonomous driving or mobile phones, to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and indoor gardening.

The company is a global market and technology leader in automotive lighting.

Their operations are run by three business units.

The car (AM)

The automotive (AM) business develops, manufactures and sells lamps, lighting modules and sensor components for automotive applications in the OEM and aftermarket sectors.This includes both traditional and LED based solutions.In addition, osram mainland joint venture financial data is also included in AM business data.By combining lighting and electronics expertise, the joint venture develops and markets intelligent lighting solutions for automotive applications, such as smart matrix lights for headlights.

In 2016, osram further extended its leadership in automotive lighting by acquiring NovitaTechnologies, a us manufacturer of taillights and fog lights and daytime driving lights.With its investments in LiDAR specialists LeddarTech, Blickfeld and Tetravue, osram has also strengthened its position in autonomous driving.

Optoelectronic semiconductor (OS)

Osram's optoelectronic semiconductor (OS) business has been the world's second-largest market for LED components for many years.In particular, in the smartphone infrared components and autonomous driving and other professional applications, OS is in the lead.In 2017, OS has commissioned Malaysia's Kulim to build the world's most modern 6-inch LED chip production base to drive future growth.Osron has ensured the division's leading technology position through targeted reinforcement of the VCSEL field for facial recognition applications and through innovative quantum dots for nanostructures.

Digital (DI)

The digital (DI) business unit bundles osram's businesses, which benefit most from the ongoing digitisation process.They range from electronic components and lighting systems to hardware and software for lighting management.The boston-based Digital Lumens, acquired by osram in 2017, serves industrial customers through energy-efficient lighting and value-added services based on sensors and software, such as asset tracking.

DI also includes entertainment applications, including stages, studios and movie sets.In particular, Clay Paky, an Italian subsidiary, has been providing lighting for the ESC stage and the French stage lighting company adb for many years.In 2017, osram also acquired silicon valley-based LED Engin, a supplier of bright compact LED lighting solutions.Traxon is also part of DI's business unit as an expert in effective facade lighting.

Osl, a leading indoor plant lighting company, acquired texas-based Fluence Bioengineering in 2018 for the fast-growing horticulture industry, as well as stakes in start-ups Agrilution and motorleaf.Growers can influence and optimize crop yields, nutrition and flavor by exposing them to different wavelengths, for example through so-called "light formulations."

The lamps for film projection and lighting solutions for medical and industrial applications are also part of DI.This includes high-intensity ultraviolet lamps for disinfecting surfaces, gases or liquids, and textile lighting.

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