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Supplier Introduction

LSI Corporation is a leading semiconductor and software supplier based in Milpitas, Calif., with major products including: RAID controllers, SSD control Devices, ReadChannel, Preamp, Axxia network processors and custom ASICs provide many leading solutions for accelerating data storage center and mobile network performance.

LSI's tradition of innovation is rich and far-reaching, and its advanced technology defines the way people work and live. LSI has designed a number of industry-first developments, including the world's first digital signal processor, SAS chip and mobile content server. As the amount of data on the global network increases, so does the need for sharing and interoperability. In-depth and long-term participation in key industry standards and specifications is key to LSI's success in the target market.

LSI's History 

LSI acquired SandForce Inc. in Milpitas, CA in October 2011, a manufacturer of processors for solid-state drives (SSD processors). The LSI Corp. acquired Tarari Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA) in September 2007. Tarari develops "Content Processors" (ASICs and SW), which are used to inspect data transmission packages.
In August 2007, Infineon acquired the Mobility Products Group (MPG) from LSI Corp. accepted. The MPG designs ICs and software for cellular telephone handsets and complete chip-level solutions for satellite digital audio radio applications.
LSI Logic and Agere Systems (formerly Lucent, previously AT&T) decided in December 2006 to merge to form the new company LSI Corporation. The merger was completed on April 2, 2007.
LSI Logic acquired Velio Communications and CrossLayer Networks in April 2004.
In March 2001 LSI Logic took over the company C-Cube Microsystems (IC for digital image processing, MPEG1, MPEG2 decoder and encoder).
LSI Logic bought Symbios Logic (SCSI host adapter chipsets) from Hyundai Electronics in August 1999.
LSI Logic acquired SEEQ Technology in June 1999.

Storage product

Today's customers need robust storage solutions to meet their diverse requirements from handheld products to data centers. LSI offers an industry-leading portfolio of products including SAS and 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel systems, SerDes transceiver cores (for OEM storage and SAN applications), RAID adapters, hard disk read channels, preamplifiers, servos Controller, hard disk controller and firmware. LSI also offers highly integrated and high performance storage system level SOC chips.
With LSI's storage technology, partners and customers get the performance and design flexibility they need to deliver outstanding storage capacity, speed, reliability and power efficiency. LSI has a long-standing leadership position in storage segments including: mobile, desktop and enterprise hard drives; custom silicon solutions for storage and SAN fabric devices; server-oriented storage standard components and adapters; Modular storage systems for large enterprise groups and mid-sized businesses; storage networks for fixed and portable consumer electronics devices.
In 2013, LSI introduced the SandForce 3700 series flash controller and applied it to the Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) MegaRAID product line. The SandForce 3700 provides support for PCI-Express and a 6Gbps SATA interface. The latest MegaRAID products are the SAS9300 controller card and the 12Gbps SAS expander. [1] 

Internet product

As more and more people and devices are inextricably linked to the digital world, the demand for innovative network solutions for homes, businesses, and public access networks continues to grow. In response to this demand, LSI offers a variety of different solution combinations to provide an unobstructed connection between customers and businesses.
The tradition from Bell Labs provides LSI with unparalleled expertise and knowledge in networking and data transmission. LSI provides high-quality, reliable voice, video, data and mobile services for the three major areas of digital home, business networks and public wireless wired networks, including: multi-core communications processors, multimedia processors, content control and security Processor, Ethernet controller, etc.

In December 2013, Avago will acquire LSI for $ 6.6 billion, which will become a new part of the enterprise storage market. Avago executives say they hope to complete the acquisition by the second quarter of 2014

LSI is product portfolio consists of RAID controllers, SSD control Devices, ReadChannel, Preamp, Axxia network processors and custom ASICs.

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