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Kionix, Inc. is a global MEMS inertial sensor manufacturer based in Ithaca, NY, USA. Kionix offers high-performance, low-power accelerometers, gyroscopes, and 6-axis combination sensors plus comprehensive software libraries that support a full range of sensor combinations, operating systems and hardware platforms. Leading consumer, automotive, health and fitness and industrial companies worldwide use Kionix sensors and total system solutions to enable motion-based functionality in their products.

Kionix's newest product innovations include the ultra-thin KXCJB accelerometer at only 0.45mm high, the high-sensitivity, low-latency, low-power KMX62 magnetometer-accelerometer, the 32g high bandwidth KX222 and KX224 accelerometers, and the industry-leading low power KXG07 and KXG08 six-axis accelerometer-gyroscopes.

Kionix utilizes a deep-silicon, proprietary MEMS technology known as plasma micromachining for its high-volume production. To see an example of this technology, please watch our plasma etch video that shows how a MEMS inertial sensor takes on its form. This technology enables Kionix to produce MEMS products that are unmatched in performance and manufacturing cost. As such, the Company holds an extensive portfolio of licensed and internally-developed intellectual property.

Kionix was acquired by ROHM Co., Ltd. of Japan on November 16, 2009. Kionix is able to leverage ROHM's resources as a leading semiconductor company in order to advance its technology, sustain its growth while reducing costs, and expand its global reach through an established and thriving international customer base. The Company continues to operate as Kionix and its products continue to be produced primarily at its headquarters in Ithaca, New York, USA. Kionix's commitment to customers in sales, development support, integration expertise, and pricing remains paramount.

Kionix offers customers unparalleled quality manufacturing at its two captive MEMS fabs and in-house test facilities. Located in Ithaca, NY, USA and Kyoto, Japan, these facilities offer both 6" and 8" wafer processing, class 100 and 1,000 fab clean rooms, class 10,000 test clean rooms, state-of-the art fabrication equipment, and high-speed automated test equipment. In addition to providing redundancy at every step of the manufacturing process, Kionix facilities enable rapid order-to-delivery times for even the highest-volume customers, while Kionix's commitment to best-in-business manufacturing processes enables the Company to achieve an exceptional parts-per-million (ppm) success rate.

Today, Kionix continues to respond to growing market demand for increased product applications, while creating new product opportunities in industries as diverse as automotive, consumer electronics, biotechnology, wireless communications, and pharmaceutical research.

kionix is product portfolio consists of Accelerometer, gyroscope and sensor fusion technology.

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