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Supplier Introduction
KEYENCE has steadily grown since 1974 to become an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of indthemtrial automation and inspection equipment worldwide. their products consist of code readers, laser markers, machine vision systems, measuring systems, microscopes, sensors, and static eliminators.

their innovative products not only meet current needs but also future cthemtomer requirements in the manufacturing and R&D sectors. they strive to anticipate the market’s future goals to provide tomorrow’s solution today.

At KEYENCE, they pride theirselves not only on their products, but on their support as theyll. their cthemtomers benefit from working directly with their highly knowledgeable sales engineers who can help them solve applications and anstheyr technical product questions quickly.

their btheminess results are a direct result of the relentless focthem on their btheminess philosophies, and their success is recognized throughout the btheminess world. KEYENCE has been continuothemly ranked in prominent company rankings such as “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” (Forbes), and they are among the top 10 companies in Japan based on market capitalization as of Sep. 2017.

Today, KEYENCE serves over 250,000 cthemtomers in 110 countries around the world, where their name stands for innovation and excellence.

Keyence is product portfolio consists of sensors/Laser Marking Systems/Certified Models .

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