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Supplier Introduction

Keithley Instruments, Inc was acquired by Tektronix

Tektronix are the measurement insight company committed to performance, and compelled by possibilities.

Tektronix designs and manufactures test and measurement solutions to break through the walls of complexity, and accelerate global innovation. Together they empower engineers to create and realize technological advances with ever greater ease, speed and accuracy.

Tektronix solutions have supported many of humankind’s greatest advances of the past 70 years. Health. Communication. Mobility. Space. With offices in 21 countries, they are committed to the scientists, engineers and technicians around the world who will define the future.

They provide professional measurement insights designed to help you improve your performance and turn possibilities into reality.

Tektronix design and manufacturing helps you test and measure solutions to break through the layers of complexity and accelerate your global innovation.Together, they will surely help engineers at all levels to create and realize technological progress more conveniently, more quickly and more accurately.Teck's solutions have provided powerful support for many of humanity's great advances over the past 70 years.Medical care.Communication.Mobile.Space.With offices in 21 countries and territories, they are dedicated to providing services and support to scientists, engineers and technicians around the world who are about to create the future.

Keithley Instruments is product portfolio consists of Oscilloscope and probe/analyzer/Signal generator/The source and power supply/instrument/Video test equipment/Switch and data acquisition system/Semiconductor test system/Components and accessories/software/Refurbished test equipment .

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