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Supplier Introduction

Kamaya Electric Co., Ltd was established in 1957 and today it manufactures the broadest selection of carbon composition resistors in the industry. To be the most dependable source and to maintain the highest standards, Kamaya manufactures their own products. Mouser is currently stocking the carbon composition resistors.

For over 50 Years Kamaya has been a trusted resource for passive components including Thick and Thin Film Chip Resistors, Carbon Composition Resistors, Chip Fuses, MLCC’s, Disc Capacitors and RF Devices.

Kamaya products can be found in virtually all electronic devices. Your car, mobile devices and machines and equipment you use every day where you work and live have our components in them.

They shall aim to be a global company that will progress into the world through supply of resistors. They shall share the joy of working through product creation and have pride and awareness as a Kamaya Electric employee, rich in individuality. They shall always have a dream and open up our future with unyielding spirit, challenging a high goal. They shall not be content with the present technology; from it we will consistently create new technology with our own hands, and continue to pursue the highest possible quality.

President Policy

Upgrading our MDPQL capability to maximize company profits.

Code of Conduct

Kamaya, ever since its establishment, has taken “Let’s target the worldwide enterprises which are there all over the world by supplying resistors” as its management principle. It has established social credibility and has been contributing in development of the society through resistors.

Quality Policy

"We provide the demanded product, service with continue firm trust and relief".

Kamaya is product portfolio consists of Fuses, sensors, anti-static suppressors, chip attenuators, resistors.

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