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Supplier Introduction

Kyocera's global business is a history of producing various electronic components for many years. Kyocera supports the growing electronics market with devices, mobile phones, computers, and digital consumer devices. Kyocera meets customer demand for timing devices such as resonators, crystal oscillators, EMI filters, surface acoustic wave filters, SAW duplexers, RF modules and piezoelectric devices.

Founded in 1950, KYOCERA KINSEKI Corporation is a professional company engaging in the manufacture of quartz crystal devices. The company is headquartered in Komae-shi, Japan. The company has established a strong production network with eight manufacturing facilities in Japan and two overseas plants in Thailand and Philippines. Besides, the company has set up subsidiary companies in Germany and USA. 

Kyocera's main products are: ceramic knives, ceramic stationery, jewelry, mobile phones, precision ceramic parts, semiconductor parts, solar power systems.

KYOCERA KINSEKI has developed a broad line of products including synthetic quartz, quartz crystal unit, crystal oscillator, optical device, crystal oscillator for industrial applications and surface acoustic wave device. The company is focusing on the markets of cellular phones, digital cameras and other digital equipment. The company has been ISO 14001 certified. In additions, the manufacturing facilities have passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. The company is dedicated to providing quartz products for the information & communications industry.

Kyocera is product portfolio consists of Resonators, crystal oscillators, EMI filters, surface acoustic wave filters, SAW duplexers, RF modules, and piezoelectric devices.

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