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1990. 04 Founding company
1992. 12 Signed general agency agreement with Samsung Electric Co., Ltd.
1994. 06 changed its name (Korea CHIP Electronics Co., Ltd.)
1996. 06 Selected for KTF Association
1997. 06 Started development of super capacitor (STARCAP)
1999. 12 Increased capital (1 billion won)
2000. 10 began selling video high frequency products
2001. 02 Participated in the holding of the Korea Communications Association IMT-2000
2001. 12 increase of capital (1.5 billion won)
2002. 11 changed its name (KORCHIP Co., Ltd.)
2002.12 Started production of supercapacitors with annual sales of 2 million
2011. 09 Acquired green technology certification (high voltage, ultra-high capacitance technology)
(Certificate No.: GT-11-00186, held by Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
2011. 05 Production and sales exceeded 10 million/month
2010. 09 Acquired innovative SME certification (MAIN-BIZ)
Acquired 4 technology patents (using EDLC to reduce standby power loss)
2009. 04 Become a major supplier of Samsung Electronics
2009. 02 Technology Business Award
2008.09 Selected as ATC Advanced Technology R&D Center
2008. 04 Selected by the Korea Science and Technology Agency of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as NET
2007.11 Obtained Parts and Materials Technology Award
2006.11 Received 10 Million Dollar Export Tower (43th Trade Conference)
2006. 10 company moved to (Anyang City)
2006. 10 was selected as the TOP7 enterprise for advanced technology of parts and components
2005.11 Received 5 Million USD Export Tower (42nd Trade Conference)
2005. 07 was named the next generation growth potential company
(cooperate with Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. for supercapacitors for hybrid power)
2005. 03 Acquired ISO 14001: I1996 certification (UKAS)
2005.03 won this month's engineering prize (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
2005.02 Acquired Samsung Electronics Eco-Partner Certification
2004. 12 Korea Information and Communication Department Electro 0580 Project
(Research and development can use 3.0V reflow batteries on GSM and dual mode mobile phones)
2004. 10 Korea's Ministry of Industry and Resources, Parts and Materials Technology Development Project
(Research and development of electrode materials and electrolytes for ultra-high-capacity non-aqueous capacitors)
2004. 09 Received the 5th SME Technology Conference President Award
2004. 07 was selected as a world-class product (Korea Ministry of Industry and Resources)
2004. 04 won the 37th Science Festival Korean Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy Prime Minister's Award
2004. 03 Acquired KT New Technology Certification
2004. 02 Received the Korea Electronics Industry Promotion Association Export Department Excellence Award
2003.12 Samsung Investment (1.5 billion won)
2003. 12 Korea's Ministry of Industry and Resources, Parts and Materials Technology Development Project
(Research and development can be used on the portable minicomputer hybrid capacitor)
2003.12 Selected as INNO-BIZ (Technology Innovation SME) Enterprise
2003. 11 3 Million Dollar Export Tower (The 40th Trade Conference)
2003. 10 Korea Electronics Show, Excellent Development of Electronic Parts Contest, Wins Development Award
(MICRO double-layer capacitor: Get e-paper leader award)
2003. 09 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification (UKAS)
2003. 07 Small and Medium Business Administration Technology Innovation Development Business
(Development of LiCoO2 manufacturing technology for lithium battery electrode material)
2003. 06 Ministry of Industry and Resources, Ministry of Industry and Electronics, Basic Technology Development Project
(Development of ultra-thin high-power storage devices available on smart cards)
2003. 04 Successfully Developed Ultra-Small EDLC for Mobile Phones

KORCHIP is product portfolio consists of Supercapacitors, farad capacitors, etc..

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