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Supplier Introduction
KIOXIA Corporation has officially changed its name from Toshiba Memory Corporation effective October 1, 2019.

Some pages and/or documents may still include the name "Toshiba Corporation" or "Toshiba Memory Corporation", please interpret those names to correspond to the new company name.

To develop products tailored to the market needs using world-leading, cutting-edge technology, KIOXIA Corporation is engaged in the entire development process, encompassing everything from product planning and product design to the development of manufacturing technology and high-efficiency production lines. Each team leverages specialized expertise to facilitate continuous innovation, serving as a driving force to compete in constantly evolving markets.

The design team develops new circuit technologies and creates memory designs in such a manner as to reduce the chip area, ensure reliability, increase operating speed, and reduce power consumption. The design team performs a wide range of tasks from system design, detailed circuit design, and layout to the evaluation and analysis of prototype chips.
Memory development requires a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technologies.

The package development team is responsible for the development of packages for memory devices, which encompasses mechanical design, substrate wiring design, assembly process development, and the evaluation of heat and shock resistance. Packages not only protect semiconductor chips and provide chip-to-board interconnection but also make it possible to increase the capacity and functionality of memory devices through 3D multi-layer chip stacking and controller chip integration.

The device development team designs and evaluates memory devices incorporating cutting-edge processes and production technologies while collaborating with the production team on development tasks. The device development team also develops super-small-geometry and super-high-performance unit processes as well as cutting-edge test and measuring technologies for next-generation memory devices and combines them in an optimal manner to establish process recipes for next-generation and post-next-generation memory devices.
At KIOXIA Corporation, memory devices are manufactured using a collection of the most advanced technologies. Big data are collected from manufacturing and testing equipment and analyzed using machine learning and other AI techniques so as to improve productivity and foster technological innovation. The production team also grasps customers’ applications of our products with the aim of proper quality management.

KIOXIA History

The inventor of flash memory, blazes trails to the future:
1987 Invention of world's first NAND flash memory
1991 World's first mass production of NAND flash memory
1992 Yokkaichi Plant established
2007 World's first 3D flash memory technology announced
2014 World's first 15nm 128Gbit NAND flash memory 
2016 Mass production of 48-layer BiCS FLASH?
2017 Toshiba Memory Corporation established
Mass production of 64-layer BiCS FLASH?
2018 Mass production of 96-layer BiCS FLASH?

KIOXIA is product portfolio consists of Memory, On-board eUSF storage, Enterprise Gen 4 PCIe NVMe SSD.

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