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Inductors, Coil, Ferrite Bead manufacturer -- JANTEK Electronics Co.,Ltd -- China, Taiwan JANTEK,coil,bead,inductor,choke,multilayer,Wound Chip Inductor,SMD Power Coil,Dataline Noise Filter,Ferrite Bead,Array manufacturer. JANTEK Electronics Co.,Ltd--Taiwan, Asia, manufacturer of EMI Suppression Components, Inductors, Coils, passive components, SMD power coils, passive component, Chip Inductors, Filters, Ferrite Beads, Bead, Core, Toroid Coil, High Frequency Chip Inductors, Inductors, Wide Band Choke, Dateline Noise Filters, electronic, electronic part, SMD, circuit requirement

Since 1988, JANTEK Electronics Co., Ltd has been dedicated to manufacture inductive components. In pursuit of the vision, JANTEK obtained the ISO9001: version 2000 quality certifications, in both Taiwan and China factories. Jantek,Shenzhen Factory against the provision of ISO/TS 16949:2009 in 2016.

JANTEK specializes in producing and marketing various types of Chip Inductors, Coils, Ferrite Beads components for different applications - such as PC peripherals, telecommunications products, TV, OA products, etc. After years of efforts, JANTEK's products are now sold worldwide. JANTEK experienced rapid growth by providing customers with competitive pricings and flexible product services that can accelerate and leverage customer's time-to-market and time-to-volume production needs.

JANTEK develops long term relationships with customers by assisting through out the design, development and manufacturing phases, along with other processes. Through continuous improvement and development, we guarantee our customers the best service and products available.

Jantek is product portfolio consists of High Current SMD Bead/Molding Type High Current Power Coil/Multi-Layer Chip Inductor .

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