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Supplier Introduction

Jamicon Corporation started in 1973 as the Kaimei Electronic Corp. was formed and started producing and selling aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Jamicon Corporation was formed in 1991. Today, Jamicon Corporation has become one of the Top 500 companies in Taiwan. The types of products manufactured by Jamicon include Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Digital Intelligent Lamp Ballasts, DC Cooling Fans, and AC Cooling Fans.

SMD series, radial (standard, miniature, low ESR, extended temperature -55o to +125o), large box (snap or screw). The capacity ranges from 0.1 uF to 680 mF and the voltage range is from 4Vdc to 500Vdc. Special longevity families can reach 20,000 hours. 

Complementing the electrolyte, JAMICON also produces double-layer capacitors (EDLC, electric double layer capacitors) with a series voltage of up to 180F / 2.5Vdc and a lifetime of 2000h.
Through SACOEL, JAMICON proposes:
Electrolytic capacitors
Double layer capacitors (EDLC)
Long-life electrolytic capacitor
Extended temperature electrolytic capacitors
High-capacity capacitors
Low ESR electrolytic capacitors

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