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Supplier Introduction

ISOTEK is a leading supplier of dynamic braking, current sensing, high power, load, wirewound, surface mount, shunt and precision resistors. Backed by more than 25 years of experience and an expanded product line, ISOTEK now offers a wider range of resistors to meet your applications requirements.

The types of products manufactured by Isotek Corporation include Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning ASICs, Current Sensing Resistors, ISA-PLAN Dynamic Braking Resistors, and High Power Dynamic Braking Metal Clad Resistors.

Isotek, founded in 1989 (MA) is a subsidiary of Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH (Dillenburg, Germany). Isotek supplies current sensing resistors employing ISA-PLAN? (etched foil) and ISA-WELD? (electron beam welded Cu-Manganin-Cu) technologies for use in the automotive, industrial, energy measurement, and medical markets. Both result in components with a low temperature coefficients, long term stability, low inductance and high load capabilities. Isabellenhütte was the first in the world to patent (2002) a highly precise measurement of current, voltage and temperature in a single device for use in automotive battery and energy management systems. The ISA-ASIC? is an offset free 4 channel measuring system with 16 to 23 bit resolution with very low noise and high linearity.

In combination with a physically optimized, low ohmic and low impedence resistor made from Manganin?, battery data such as charging state (SOC) and working life condition (SOH) are measured with a high degree of accuracy.

Isotek is product portfolio consists of Braking Resistor/Dynamic Braking Resistors/High Power Resistors/Power Resistors/Resistors .

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