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Supplier Introduction
MEAS Switzerland SA is a site of Measurement Specialties Inc, which is a world wide designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems. This system can measure pressure/force, position, vibration, temperature, humidity, and fluid properties. Measurement Specialties (China) Ltd. has been located in Shenzhen, China for thirteen years. MEAS-China has over 1,700 employees work for the design, manufacture and sales/customer service.
There almost over 125 engineering and technical staff, 250 degreed professionals and over 1,300 manufacturing personnel. So the facility is a high-technology area with deep talent employee from both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. MEAS-China provides support of development and application engineering for MEAS’ global product portfolios in its product lines. MEAS Switzerland SA develops and produces a wide range of pressure sensor products for the global consumer and industrial markets. Its expertise no only sensor and IC design, micromachining and assembly technologies, but also system design and testing of sensor modules.

The productions of MEAS Switzerland SA are well known for their superior technology. The pressure sensor chips, SMD sensors and digital pressure sensor modules are resulted in measurement accuracy and long term stability. They are widely used in watches, flight instruments, automobiles, home appliances, medical equipment and so on. The development of the sensor technology started in the early 90's , during 10 years it continued to develop and improve those process capabilities. In 2009 MEAS Switzerland SA introduced a new family of 24 bit digital modules aimed for mobile applications. The mission of this site is to design and produce high end miniature pressure systems as barometric devices, liquid level, automotive and HVAC sensors.

In 2008, intersema company was wholly acquired by MeasurementSpecialties of the United States. Now it is a sub brand of meas. It mainly develops, produces and sells high-precision, digital and micro pressure gas pressure sensors from 50mbar to 50bar.

The development of intersema sensor technology began in the early 1990s in the famous IMT & Institute of Micro Technology & in nashtel (Switzerland). After 10 years of research and development in intersema, the technical capacity of the production process has been further improved.

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