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They accomplish their mission using teamwork and communication, earning sufficient profit to sustain normal growth and to provide a reasonable return to the shareholder.

1975 – July · Interpower Corporation, then Panel Components Corporation was founded in Berkeley, California by Bob Wersen.

1979 – July · The Company moves from Berkeley to Santa Rosa, California.

1984 – September · The Company moves into a new building which offered more space.

1985 · The U.S. electronics industry experiences a severe recession.

1986 · The Company changes its strategy to focus more on the small to mid-size companies and dramatically broaden its customer base.

1988 · The beginning of a database of customers from trade shows and advertising.

1989–1990 · The development of a broader product line was the focus of growth efforts.

1991–1992 · Decision was made to relocate the Company and began a search.

1993 · Started operations for Interpower Components Ltd., the European subsidiary in Bognor Regis, United Kingdom.

1993 – May · Trucks unload products in the Oskaloosa warehouse.

1993 – July, 30 · The telephones rang in Oskaloosa for the first time. The 1800 mile move from California to Iowa was now complete.

1996 – June · Interpower North American power cords were produced in Oskaloosa for the first time.

1998 – February · Customer Service office in Ames, Iowa opens to assist in handling calls.

1999 · Interpower Components Ltd. moves to Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

2000 · A new manufacturing facility in Lamoni, Iowa opens to increase volume of molded cord sets.

2001 – April · An electronics industry recession begins.

2002 – March · The new facility in Ames, Iowa is completed.

2004 – March · Interpower Corporation becomes the official company name, replacing Panel Components Corporation.

2005 · Interpower makes commitment to becoming RoHS compliant.

2006 · Interpower Components Ltd. moves into its new facility. 2008 · 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time is achieved.

2010 · Broke ground for the Lamoni building expansion which will house our cable extrusion lines.

2012 · Interpower sold its first IPS

2013 · Interpower extruded for the first time cable on the production line which was utilized to manufacture North American cord sets and power cords along with some jumper cords.

2015 – July · Interpower Celebrates 40th Year Anniversary

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