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Supplier Introduction
Introduction to Integrated Microwave
Founded in 1982, Integrated Microwave is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision RF and microwave filters for the aerospace, defense, test equipment, research and communications industries. IMC products can be found on the Mars Rover, in particle accelerators, farm equipment, smart-grid infrastructure, defense systems and many other applications. IMC emphasizes vertical integration using only bulk metals, ceramic materials and solder to produce most filter products.
Why Choose IMC for your filter needs?
There are many reasons to choose IMC as your filter supplier. Call IMC to get direct access to a filter design engineer who can answer your questions immediately. Their "sales" people are their engineers! Simulations and quotations are emailed to you, sometimes before your telephone discussion is over. AutoCad or SolidWorks drawings are available to you for use in your Source Control Drawing at no cost, so why re-CAD? Quotations are complete and easy to read, with drawings and performance plots attached. Specifications are guaranteed, not "typical" and IMC products are 100% tested, not sampled. IMC means business and they won't waste your time.**
IMC manufactures its own ceramic resonators for in-house use, and for sale as components. If you are inquiring about ceramic filters or resonators, you've come to the right place. Every week, IMC fires and metallizes ceramic resonators using their own recipes, in their own kilns. They control and characterize every aspect of production, and stock millions of resonators (3-18mm) right here in San Diego. IMC's customers benefit from lower pricing, faster leadtimes, better filter optimization and total design control. IMC is truly the market leader in custom ceramic filters diplexers and triplexers.
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