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Supplier Introduction
ITT Interconnect Solutions is part of ITT Corporation, which is an $11.6 billion global engineering and manufacturing company. And ITT Interconnect Solutions is a global manufacturer and supplier. Its main productions are connectors, interconnects, cable assemblies, I/O card kits, LAN components, and highly-engineered custom solutions. The Interconnect Solutions portfolio includes the brands Cannon, VEAM, BIW, and Sealectro.
The rich interconnect history of ITT embraces contributions to both technological breakthroughs and social movements. With one of the industry’s broadest product offerings, ITT’s interconnect products have supported: (1) motion picture, radio, and television equipment, serving laughter and entertainment to millions;
(2) commercial and military communications systems, linking the voices of the world;
(3) computerized tools, reshaping the information highway;
(4) aircraft, rapid transit, and automobiles, mobilizingexpanding society;
(5) oil and natural gas production, powering the world's economies;

(6) agricultural equipment, attacking the roots of world hunger

The events of ITT Interconnect Solutions are as follows: In 2007, servomotor connector technology meets miniaturization demands and connectors for submersible pumps meeting the demands of Harsh Environments. Then in 2008, the demands (and subsequently, functionality) of connectors in consumer electronics applications increased. And it Become the member of the Preferred Medical in February. In 2009, a new method o f protecting against EMI and EMP in aircraft applications was put out, what made EMI and Surge protection in Medical and Aerospace Electronic Systems was maximized. ITT’s global presence supports are manufacturing sites worldwide, rapid tooling/prototyping, fast time-to-market, High volume/high yield capacity, robust design and Integrated Product Development, off-the-shelf availability of product through a worldwide distributor network and lean process execution incorporating 6 Sigma principles.

ITT Cannon and Veam

ITT’s Cannon and Veam brands are world leaders in the design and manufacture of highly engineered harsh-environment connector and interconnect solutions. They operate on a global basis serving customers in the aerospace and defense, medical, transportation and industrial end markets.

From the invention of rack-and-panel and D-subminiature to the latest fiber-optic, composite and miniaturized connectors, their brands have been synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality for 100 years. Today, they continue to innovate on behalf of thousands of customers worldwide - because amazing things happen when great things connect.

About Cannon

In 2015 Cannon celebrated 100 years as a leader in electronic connectors and interconnect systems. Today, whether delivering critical specs to aircraft pilots, streaming data through communications satellites or giving expectant parents a first look at their unborn children, Cannon continues to connect the world’s most important information with those who need it.

About Veam

In an increasingly global economy, getting from Point A to Point B on time and on budget is more important than ever. VEAM connectors protect the world’s products and people in transit so they can get to where they’re going.

About ITT

ITT is a focused multi-industrial company that designs and manufactures highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions. Their customers in the energy, transportation and industrial markets depend on them to solve their most critical problems, and they focus on partnering with them to find solutions to their unique challenges. ITT is headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., with employees in more than 35 countries.

ITT is product portfolio consists of Connector, cable assembly.

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