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Supplier Introduction

IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on December 16, 1966, in Shimo-Numabe, Kawasaki City. IRISO is the leading company in the development of connectors in the automobile market, beginning with CarAV and Car electronics. For more than fifty years since 1966, IRISO has continued to devote ourselves faithfully to developing the field of electronics. In recent years, IRISO expanded the range of IRISO's product development, applying the technology IRISO had fostered to the industrial market, including machine tools, industrial tools, Smart Grid, telecommunication equipment, and medical equipment, etc. IRISO has also greatly expanded into the market of consumer equipment, including information and communication, OA and video equipment, etc.

IRISO has been focusing on IRISO's attention on the development of products that are easy to use, as well as easy to operate, not to mention offering products that are highly reliable. IRISO has been developing all kinds of products, responding to the needs of the customers, as in the development of products which are additions to the ESD mechanism.

In May 2007, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of IRISO's founding, IRISO completed the building of the IRISO Technology Park in Shin-Yokohama, as the "core base" for the research and development of new products and new technology that focused on future growth. This park comes with a laboratory and a showroom with cutting-edge equipment, in addition to IRISO's products. IRISO has also been aggressively bringing about the globalization of IRISO's production base, as seen in the newly established factory in Vietnam, the third one abroad, following those in Shanghai and the Philippines. 

Iriso’s connectors enjoy high acclaim in the interior vehicle device market. Thanks to their reliability, the demand for Iriso connectors is growing in digital equipment, FA/OA devices, and other markets as well. Meanwhile, other markets are evolving ever-faster, becoming a gathering place for innovative technologies of the electronics industry. Iriso’s technologies cultivated in this market are essential for growth, and they become the engine for bringing about new ideas and inspirations. Applying those technologies across the board in both markets enables them to carry out highly specialized and reliable business. IRISO believes that this growth strategy allows them to move forward with IRISO's customers.

The IRISO series includes a ZIF connector (zero insertion force) that allows the FPC/FFC connector to be locked with virtually no force, and the NON-ZIF connector can be inserted with very little force. With these two types of contact structures, a combination of high processability and reliability is achieved. These connectors are widely used in the connection of portable devices, and automotive products.

IRISO is product portfolio consists of connections.

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