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Supplier Introduction
Hosiden is a Japanese company that manufactures electronic components for the telecommunications and automotive industries. The company has more than 19 factories and 12,000 workers. Since Hosiden was founded in 1947, Hosiden has developed a number of products using its technology, including connectors and switches, acoustic components, electromagnetic components, LCD devices and other connected components and assembly products containing these components.
Hosiden continues to contribute to the development of society and industry as a manufacturer of multifunctional components.

In this era of digital networking, Hosiden is conducting research to develop solutions for future needs.

These requirements will require new technologies and new combinations of existing technologies such as consumer electronics, information, communications, audiovisual and automotive electronics. Hosiden will continue to meet the needs of our customers with the technology we develop and improve our ability to recommend innovative solutions.

Hosiden also strengthened its manufacturing and sales network by establishing a global network based on the principles of “market production and sales”.
In addition, Hosiden is committed to environmental protection activities under healthy and powerful management while maintaining our competitiveness.
Hosiden will continue to grow and actively strive to exceed customer expectations.

HOSIDEN is product portfolio consists of Most connectors, memory card connectors, LCD monitors (square and round), microswitches and connectors (control switches, multifunction and center push (analog and digital) switches), small and micro USB ports, HDMI interface And mini HDMI, VESA display port technology, touch sensing technology, Bluetooth, remote control, electro-acoustic products (speakers, receivers and microphones)..

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