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Supplier Introduction

Established in 1985, Hong Kong Resistors Manufactory is owned and managed by a team of well experienced and knowledgeable Hong Kong industrialists. While headquartered in Hong Kong, their two manufacturing facilities are well set up in the Dongguan City (Guangdong Province) and the Yiyang City (Hunan Province) respectively. their manufacturing technical know-how follows the Japanese JISC-5202 testing standard.

Upon inception of their standing in the industry, They were heavily involved in the production of the axial leaded resistors offering the entire range of characteristics and configurations of resistor products. In the past 2 decades, with the advanced improvement and development of technology in the resistor manufacturing industry, their surface mount resistors have emerged outstandingly to meet with the high standard of industrial applications in the miniature type. Today, They are proud of having the production capabilities of manufacturing both the surface mount resistors and the axial leaded resistors in the industry.

chip resistorsTo enhance ourselves in the industry, They were successfully awarded with the ISO9001-2000, ISO 14001 and ISO 1800 in recent years

All their resistor products are 100% compliant to the provisions of the RoHS Directives, as well as the REACH, as laid down by the European Community.

They possess the same spirit in their management team, sales team, operation team and production team to manufacture high quality resistor products, provide quality services and loyalty to their customers. With their unfaltering effort, They will continue to pave the road to their success through diversification and technological expertise in the resistor manufacturing industry.

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