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Hoffman Engineering was founded in 1955 by J. Gordon Hoffman. The initial charter of the company called for it to support the photometric needs of the aircraft panel and instrument manufacturers. Many of these small manufacturers were located in the Northeastern United States. At that time color and luminance requirements were becoming more stringent and these companies did not have the equipment necessary to measure their performance. Mr. Hoffman recognized that need and sought to fill it by performing photometric tests in his NIST traceable laboratory. In addition, he designed test equipment for sale to larger aerospace companies.

The Hoffman Engineering laboratory business grew with the aerospace industry in the United States. The scope of the business grew to include spectral testing, calibration of lamps and standards, and repair and calibration of photometric equipment. Hoffman Engineering became the recognized leader in the testing of aerospace-related lighting equipment. Tests were performed on aerospace, ground support, shipboard, space-related and other higher technology lighted devices.

In addition to the work performed in its own laboratories, Hoffman began to develop its own line of photometric test equipment for sale to industry. Among the many products designed and manufactured by Hoffman Engineering are contacted photometers, luminance targets, integrating spheres, laboratory power supplies, and luminance standards. The Hoffman luminance stheirce has become the industry standard for the calibration of photometric equipment in lighting laboratories all over the world.

Hoffman Engineering carries on its proud tradition today with the addition of Aerospace, Ground Vehicle, and Shipboard lighting. their lights are manufactured to the exacting standards Hoffman has been well known for. Hoffman Engineering offers state of the art LED lighting to meet the demanding needs of industry. Hoffman Engineering has been innovative in producing direct replacement LED bulbs where the specifications call for exacting standards. Hoffman Engineering also offers a complete line of off the shelf solutions for crew station and cargo area lighting.

If you are required to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-3009 for NVIS compatibility, Hoffman Engineering will produce, test and supply a fully compliant light. Hoffman has also supplied lighting solutions for the commercial aerospace industry. Their lighting solutions offer cost savings due to reduced downtime and reduction in power required.

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