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Supplier Introduction

HiRel Systems designs and manufactures custom magnetic components and military power supplies. HiRel Systems has a long heritage in power conversion dating back to the founding of Schott Corporation in 1951. Its recent acquisitions of DT Magnetics in 2003 and ZMAN Magnetics in 2004 has provided HiRel with a broad portfolio of magnetics and power conversion products to serve the medical, military, avionics, test & measurement, industrial and specialty commercial industries.

The types of products manufactured by HiRel Systems include Common Mode Inductors, Coupled Filter Inductors, Helical Wound Transformers, Surface Mount Current Transformers, Toroidal Gate Drive Transformers, High Voltage Drum Core Inductors, Micro Gate Drive Transformers, Miniaturized Gate Drive Transformers, and Custom Power Supplies.

In January 2012, Vishay acquired HiRel Systems, creating one of the largest suppliers of custom magnetics in North America: Vishay Custom Magnetics. By combining Vishay’s financial resources and extensive technical expertise with HiRel Systems’ intense focus on customer service, Vishay Custom Magnetics seeks to provide its customers with a world-class product range across the globe, while continuing its commitment to partnering closely to create unsurpassed solutions.

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