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Supplier Introduction

Power conversion, distribution, and management are HDL’s core design competencies. 

From submarines to satellites and single regulators to entire power systems, HDL products—both small and large—span all platforms and capabilities in power electronics. This comprehensive design experience helped the company build a focused portfolio that includes essential elements like EMI/power quality, embedded intelligence, and severe environment packaging. 

HDL efforts range from source replacement and second sourcing to clean sheet technology development. With nearly 40 years of design expertise, HDL offers its clients an agile, innovative, and efficient design resource to support any program.

HDL is exempt from RoHS and WEEE initiatives because of the military and aerospace use of its products. Despite this exemption, the firm’s green initiative ensures that each product is designed to minimize the use of environmentally un-friendly materials and prevent waste. In addition to this commitment, HDL focuses specifically on the reliability and repairability of its products. Limited life and wear-out items are avoided wherever possible. If necessary, product design is focused on life extension.

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