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Supplier Introduction

HBH Microwave was founded in 1999 and is located in Stutensee, part of the Technology Region of Karlsruhe. HBH Microwave provides solutions and engineering services in the field of communication, radio, radar and high frequency and microwave components development for customers worldwide. The company has been steadily growing and currently employs in total 40 engineers and qualified technical people. Due to the steadily growing business HBH Microwave recently extended the manufacturing facilities to 1200 m2.

HBH Microwave’s main business is the customer specific development of RF modules and sub-systems starting at VHF frequencies up to the mm-wave range for industrial and military applications. Clean room facilities ensure the use of high sophisticated technologies e.g. chip integration, fabrication of hybrid modules and space products. The company built flight models of X-band and S-band amplifiers for a successful space mission of DLR. HBH Microwave also has demonstrated expertise in the design and production of high power amplifiers and switches for civil and military applications

HBH Microwave’s products

Technology and equipment
Hybrid integration in clean room class ISO 8
Chip mounting, wire bonding, die attachment
Packaging and sealing
SMD assembly
Vapor phase soldering
Device integration and final assembly
Test equipment up to 50 GHz
On wafer measurements with wafer prober
Environmental test chambers
Leak testing
Design techniques
Chip on board
Use of  cavities in PCBs for high frequency circuits
Multilayer PCBs with mixed substrates
Use of various substrates e.g. RF laminates, Al2O3, AlN
Amplifier for Particle Accelerators
Main Design Features
High Efficiency:
Drain Voltage can be set via Ethernet 
Interface during operation
Modulated Power Supply
Open- and short-circuit protected
1GBit/s Ethernet Interface for
remote control and monitoring
Water cooled system
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