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Supplier Introduction
Founded in 1969, Gilway Technical Lamp is a professional manufacturer and distributor of technical light sources and systems. Established in 1965, International Light is a leading company manufacturing light measurement equipment. They have combined resources and operations at one facility in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA, while they had previously operated as separate corporations. Each company manufactures and markets its own product line. They can absorb the advantages from each other based on mutual development. Gilway draws on the technical expertise of International Light in light detection, measurement and calibration and International Light has adopted Gilway's expertise in UV-Visible-IR lamps, LEDs, lighting assemblies and modules. Furthermore, they always provide high quality customer service, on- time delivery, and technical expertise. The products of the companies can be summarized as two categories: light measurement and light source. The light measurement includes light meters, spectroradiometers, belt radiometers, detectors, filters, accessories and input optics while the light source covers LEDs, LED modules, LED sign system, LED sign modules & power supplies, illumaled LED undercabinet lighting, ILT caselight LED refrigecase lighting, LED power & controllers, lamps, LCD & DLP TV replacement lamps and lamp holders. The products are widely used in optical radiation hazard, halogen lamps, photodynamic therapy, standard miniature lamps, plant photobiology, solar, UV curing and some other applications. International Light Technologies is has been ISO 9001:2008 certified. All of the light sources products are RoHS compliant.
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