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Genesis Microchip Inc. (Nasdaq: GNSS) is a leading supplier of image processing systems for ultra-high-definition flat-screen TVs and a variety of consumer and PC display products. With Genesis Display Perfection ? technology and Emmy-winning Faroudja? video technology, Genesis' system-on-a-chip solutions are widely used by manufacturers around the world to produce high-quality images Imaging products, including flat-panel displays, digital TVs, projectors, and DVD players / recorders. Genesis technology features analog and mixed-signal system single-chip design, uses Faroudja's DCDi? chip, TrueLife ? image enhancement technology, and IntelliComb ? image decoding technology, and holds more than 185 patents. 

Genesis Microchip is a leader in “back-end” image and video processing and digital interconnect technologies.  Genesis was founded in 1987 and has offices in the United States, Canada, India, Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Japan, providing the support services required by well-known local customers. Genesis designs, develops, and markets integrated circuits that manipulate and process digital video and graphic images. It offers display controllers that receive and process analog and digital video and graphic images for viewing on a flat-panel display.  

The company’s products include video format conversion and image enhancement processors, graphics/television video processors for SXGA-WUXGA resolutions, integrated LCD monitor controllers, analog interface LCD monitor controllers, digital television audio and video decoders, LCD controllers for multi-function monitors, premium television video controllers, and single-chip flat panel television controllers, as well as Pin/firmware compatible family of analog and dual input LCD monitor-controllers for XGA, SXGA, and UXGA resolutions. Its display controllers are used in applications, such as flat-panel computer monitors, liquid crystal display televisions, plasma televisions, digital cathode ray tube televisions, digital televisions, and other display devices in the consumer electronics market.

On December 11, 2007, ST Microelectronics announced the acquisition of Genesis Microchip. on January 25, 2008, STMicroelectronics completed its acquisition of Genesis. Genesis became a wholly owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics and the shares of Genesis were withdrawn from trading on the Nasdaq Global Market.

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