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Gaynor Electric power switches, toggles and pushbutton. Acquired by Electroswitch.

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1.2-MHz, fixed-frequency boost converter

The TPS61093 is a highly integrated boost regulator for up to 17-V output. In addition to the on-chip 1-A PWM switch and power diode, this IC also integrates an output-side isolation switch as shown in the functional block diagram. 

One common issue with conventional boost regulators is the conduction path from input to output even when the PWM switch is turned off. It creates three problems, which are inrush current during start-up, output leakage current during shutdown, and excessive overload current. 

4.5 V to 60 V Input, 5 A, Step Down DC-DC Converter with Eco-mode

The TPS54560 is a 60 V, 5 A, step-down (buck) regulator with an integrated high side n-channel MOSFET. The device implements constant frequency, current mode control which reduces output capacitance and simplifies external frequency compensation. The wide switching frequency range of 100 kHz to 2500 kHz allows either efficiency or size optimization when selecting the output filter components. The switching frequency is adjusted using a resistor to ground connected to the RT/CLK terminal.

A 28-V, 3-A, step-down (buck) converter

The TPS54331 device is a 28-V, 3-A, step-down (buck) converter with an integrated high-side n-channel MOSFET. To improve performance during line and load transients, the device implements a constant-frequency,current mode control which reduces output capacitance and simplifies external frequency compensation design.The TPS54331 device has a preset switching frequency of 570 kHz.The TPS54331 device requires a minimum input voltage of 3.5 V for normal operation.

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