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Supplier Introduction

Genesys Logic is engaging in the design, research and development of electric circuits, semiconductors, digital communications products, computer peripherals, and other related products. The company is founded in 1997 and headquartered in Taipei County, Taiwan. Genesys Logic is specialized in high speed I/O technology, specifically USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and PCI Express chip technology development and has become one of the leading companies in Taiwan in this area. 

The company has a broad line of products including storage products, scanner products, USB hub products, USB video products, silicon intellectual property, PCI express products, USB audio products, standalone USB PHY. Genesys Logic has a professional R&D team, they have developed some core technologies including high-speed USB 2.0, USB 3.0, PCI Express, SATA transfer interface and flash memory interface. Genesys Logic not only provides various products but also comprehensive solutions for computer peripheral manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, system manufacturers, and network product manufacturers. 

Genesys Logic has applied its own core technology design into in consumer electronics and telecommunications products aside from computer market applications. On the PCI Express product line, Genesys Logic provides a series of PCI Express PHY and PCI Express to PCI bridge controller chip products which provide solutions for high efficient, low power, and fully realized PCI Express functionality. Besides, Genesys Logic released the world's only 4-channel PCI Express PHY product. Genesys Logic also expanded from the success of PCI Express SerDes technology to the rapidly expanding Serial ATA storage applications market, and successfully developed its own low power SATA PHY.

Featured Products

 Storage Products:
ATA / SATA Bridge Controller, Card Reader Controller,
 Scanner Products:
Scanner Controller
 USB Hub Products:
Hub Controller,
 USB Camera Products:
PC Camera Controller
 Silicon Intellectual Properties:
High Speed Connectivity IPs, USB Host Charger Controller, PCIe x 1 PHY, PCIe x 4 PHY

GENESYS is product portfolio consists of Storage control chip, hub control chip, scanner control chip, video/video control chip, USB port charging control chip, interface IP, etc..

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