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Supplier Introduction

Incorporated in 1982, GCi Technologies is an award-winning, totally integrated supplier to the electronics/magnetic industry, offering a full range of high quality custom products, standard off-the-shelf products, and value-added services.

The types of products manufactured by GCI Technologies include Transformers, Inductors, Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, Microfilters, G-Jacks, and Custom Magnetic Products.

Serving their customers is their first concern. The US Design engineering and manufacturing management teams at GCi work closely to ensure the process integrity of every new solution. High levels of customer satisfaction are evidence that these talented and dedicated professionals consistently meet the design, performance, cost and delivery objectives of their customers is fine and welldone

GCi is product portfolio consists of Transformers/Inductors/Power Supplies/Planar Magnetics Design/Texas Instruments Reference Design .

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