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Supplier Introduction
FUTABA CORPORATION was established in 1948 as a manufacturer and seller of receiver vacuum tubes. Utilizing vacuum tube technology, Futaba began manufacturing vacuum fluorescent displays. In 1962, Futaba began producing radio control equipment as well as press die set components, establishing what still remains as two of the company's primary divisions.

This was followed by the development of mold base components and the more recent addition of VFD modules to complete the lineup of Futaba's major products.

Firmly embracing the principle of manufacturing each component in-house, Futaba creates everything from its own tools to its own manufacturing facilities.

The history of the company

2010■Chairman Reiji Hosoya appointed Supreme Advisor.

2011■Founder and Supreme Advisor Reiji Hosoya passed away.

2012■Acquired all shares of TDK Micro Device Corp. and changed the name to Futaba Mobile Display Corp. to accelerate OLED display business.

       ■Manufacture and sale of OLED display and Touch Panel began.

2013■PT. FUTABADENSHI INDONESIA established (manufacture and sale of production equipment in Indonesia).

2014■The Melt Flow Speed Measurement System awarded the 56th Ten Best New Products Prize of The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

       ■Formed capital and business alliance with Sanko Gosei Ltd.

2016■The Flexible OLED Display awarded the 58th Ten Best New Products Monozukuri Prize of The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

       ■Futaba Drone School opened at the company's Chosei factory.

       ■President Hiroshi Sakurada appointed chairman; Director Kazunobu Takahashi appointed president.

2017■Acquired Kabuku Inc.

       ■Established Tokyo Sales Office in Kandakaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Sales of electronic devices)


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