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Supplier Introduction
FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd.(stock code: 3545.TW), founded in 2005 in the United States, has dedicated to deliver human-machine interface solutions and provide the most competitive touch controllers、 LCD display drivers、IDC ICs、fingerprint sensor、force touch for mobile electronic devices. 

FocalTech is one of the pioneers in the R&D of capacitive multi-touch technologies and also the large supplier of capacitive touch panel controller ICs in the world. It delivers the mo complete line-up of capacitive touch panel solutions to accommodate from 1 to 25 inch capacitive touch screen panels that adopts a variety of sensor stack-up structures, processes and materials. With independent R&D as its consistent commitment, FocalTech has more than 600 patents from China and other countries. For high to entry in-cell and on-cell technologies, FocalTech also rolls out the world's thinne , lighte and mo price-competitive mass production ready solutions. 

Since the beginning of its inception, FocalTech has engaged in TFT LCD driver IC business. In January 2015, FocalTech merged with the well-known display driver IC company, Orise Tech, which significantly strengthens its leadership position in this field. While providing a full range of LCD display driver solution to its worldwide customer, FocalTech has accumulated a solid IP foundation, which includes image processing algorithms, DSP, analog design, and power saving technologies.

With this solid IP accumulation in touch and display areas, FocalTech persistently commits to new technology development in the field of human machine interface, and has launched the industry leading fingerprint identification solution and single-chip multi-point Force Touch solution in 2015, The fingerprint identification solution offers a full range of product mixes and excellent user experience. Taking the lead in the industry, the high-performance single-chip multi-point Force Touch solution supports multi-point Force Touch in addition to traditional multi-touch on a single chip simultaneously, which can identify different pressure intensity from two fingers, advancing the Force Touch technology to the multi-point era.

Super In-cell is an innovative technology based on improved self-capacitive sensing technology and supports both a-si and LTPS TFT LCD with excellent touch performances. Super In-cell preserves self-capacitive technology’s advantage in simpler sensor stack-up structure while still supporting multi-finger touch. Different from traditional multi-chip solutions, Super In-cell requires only one Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC) to support both display driving and touch function for high-end product but still provide a low-cost solution for customers.

Pursuing the customer-oriented code of conduct, FocalTech began to establish technical support sites from its incorporation in core service areas and constantly adds new sites with the expansion of business. Currently FocalTech has formed a worldwide sales and technical service network to provide China and worldwide customers the mo  timely and mo  professional localized technical support services to ensure the quality of more than 2.5 billion smart mobile devices, which adopt FocalTech solutions globally. 

FOCALTECH is product portfolio consists of Capacitive touch chip, TFT-LCD driver chip, fingerprint identification chip.

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