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Supplier Introduction

FerriShield manufactures RFI-EMI Shielding and Suppressors for cables, wires, circuit boards, and electronic enclosures. The ferrite-based components are widely recognized as the simplest, most cost-effective approach to mitigate unwanted high frequency RF interference.

FerriShield's product line includes the world’s largest selection of wideband, low frequency, high frequency, and microwave cable ferrites, as well as frequency-tuned PCB Shield designs, very high performance RF Absorber Sheets, and shielding materials for EMC and Microwave applications, plus RFI-EMI Shielding Gaskets for electronic enclosures.

FerriShield also has a special grouping of RFID frequency-specific shielding components, which are supported with engineering test kits, test fixtures, and probe sets to quickly locate the sources of offending EMI.
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