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Supplier Introduction

Falco is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of magnetic-based electronic components and assemblies used for power conversion, energy metering, and solar inverters. Falco is a preferred supplier because of its ability to provide effective solutions. Falco began operations in the USA and Mexico in 1991 and has been manufacturing in China since 1996. In 2005 Falco added an operation in India. In 2008 the Mexican operation was expanded to include metal stamping, molding, and mechanical assemblies. Falco is an ISO 9001 registered company by UL since 1998. Falco is a strategic supplier to many of the leading OEMs in the power conversion and metering industries


To provide effective and competitive solutions and service to our customers from the design stage through mass production.

To design magnetic-based electronic components for the power conversion industry.


Wide product range

Design capabilities for power conversion and metering

Product Specification Sheet and First Article report sent with every sample

Environmental testing capabilities

ISO 9001 by UL

Local stocking to support JIT programs

Manufacturing facilities in Mexico, China, Italy and India

Falco is product portfolio consists of Magnetics Component Assemblies/Power Inductors/Common Mode Chokes/PCB Mounted Power Magnetics/Electronic PCB Assembly/Instrument Current Transformers/CT's for Watt-Hour Meters/Watt-Hour Meter Bases/General Purpose Current Transformers .

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