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Supplier Introduction

Fabricast designs and manufactures precision slip assemblies for instrumentation & power applications. Slip Ring Assemblies are electromechanical components used to transmit electrical signals (e.g. analog, digital, Ethernet, video, thermocouple, strain gage, etc.) and power across a rotating interface.

Fabricast, Inc. began operations in 1960 as one of the first companies specifically founded to design and manufacture electrical slip ring assemblies. Fabricast’s sole business is still the design and manufacture of premium quality electrical slip rings with unobstructed thru bores for instrumentation and power applications.

Fabricast has an extensive line of stock delivery slip rings manufactured in separate rotor and brush block and self-contained styles. We also design and manufacture premium quality custom slip rings. Our line of silver graphite leaf and plunger brushes completes their products.

Fabricast is a privately held company whose strengths include fast “turnaround” on quotes and custom orders, stock shipments, unsurpassed sales and technical support, and a large inventory of precision slip rings with unobstructed thru bores designed for high reliability and long life. The Fabricast mission is to always deliver the highest quality product, on time, with no defects and to communicate with every customer in a frank and timely manner.

Located in Los Angeles, California, our slip rings are all made in America for customers around the world. Fabricast is proud to continue our long-standing tradition of making our products in their quality controlled plant here in the USA.

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