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NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS CORP. was established in April 1967 in Japan as a specialty manufacturer of electronics components. The company's philosophy remains unchanged - to be a supplier of high quality products while offering competitive prices. NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS began by developing a wirewound trimmer. This product was enthusiastically received by many sectors in the industry. The initial success of the trimmers laid the groundwork for future development of a wide selection of manufactured products that combined electronics at the start of the electronics revolution.

Later, robust sales of cermet trimmers led to the company's remarkable expansion. Further development efforts led to the release of a succession of new product lines. These included a wide range of motors, encoders, switches and pressure sensors.

Product diversification remains an important activity within NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS. In 1983, through the development of the polygon laser scanner, NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS expanded into the field of optomechatronics. The polygon laser scanner is a key component in optical imaging equipment such as laser printers and PPCs.

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS has also pursued an aggressive course of business globalization. In 1986, the company established marketing subsidiaries in the United States (California) and Europe (Germany). Later marketing subsidiaries in China, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore was established. Through the company's strategic operating centers in Asia, North America and Europe, NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS intends to further enhance and build its services and products.

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS mass produces trimmer potentiometers, code switches and other electronics circuit components using advanced contact, thick-film printing and automation technologies. Other innovations include Copal's high performance reliable polygon laser scanners and polygon mirrors manufactured using a combination of diamond point cutting, optical thin film deposition and precision instrumentation.

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS also produces sophisticated pressure sensors by using silicon diaphragm etching and diffusion technologies. Thick-film printing and laser trimming technologies are also used in the production of pressure sensors.

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